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Complete Classic Mini 1959-2000: An Enthusiast's Guide to Over 5 Million Cars and More Than 120 Different Models Chris Rees
A comprehensive guide to the 5,387,862 Minis built between 1959 and 2000. Production of the Mini has ended, but the enthusiasm for this motoring icon turned affordable classic continues to flourish and the market for well-preserved examples is stronger than ever. This book tells you all you how to identify one type from another, their equipment, performance, technical specification, options, production dates, colour choices and much else.

This text tells the story of the Mini's development over time and the story of how Mini owners have changed and the uses to which the car has been put. A sociopolitical examination of the Mini as a statement of class, sex, status and environmental intent.


New Mini - Graham Robson.
Like the car itself, New Mini has proved a hot property, selling more than 7,000 copies - and Practical Classics termed the book 'excellent'. So much has happened since the birth of the MINI that a new edition has become necessary, with coverage of the very latest diesel and cabriolet models. This expanded book, packed with even more information and photographs, is expected to become a fashion accessory among people worldwide who have bought BMW's trendy baby.


Mini: A Celebration of Britain's Best-loved Small Car - Graham Robson

A worthy addition to the "Haynes Great Cars" series, this book chronicles the history of the legendary Mini, from humble beginnings as the brainchild of Alec Issigonis, through 41 years of production, to its rightful status as a British motoring icon. The author also devotes space to the Mini's success in motor sport, where it proved to be a formidable performer. Detailed, authoritative and highly illustrated throughout, this is the essential guide to the Mini's evolution from ubiquitous saloon, through practical, utility and upmarket variants, to the feisty Coopers. NOT IN PRINT UNTIL OCTOBER 2006


Mini Cooper Patrick C. Paternie

... new MINI Cooper. The John Cooper works in England offers high-performance parts for both the old and new cars. MINI USA 108,000 Mini ... Mini variants, until 1976. The basic Mini would survive until October 2000. This "old" Mini displays several of the classic cues that have been passed along to the new ... "


Making of "The Italian Job" - Matthew Field ....The Mini used by the production team was the Austin Cooper S. 'They benefited from being designed for racing purposes. It meant that the cars were able to deal with the most exceptional obstacles in comparison to a normal ... Mini like the back of his hand. Actor Frank Jarvis who played one of the gang members, Roger, recalls watching Remy, and the absolute skill of the man. 'He was testing a Mini ... "

Issigonis: The Official Biography Gillian Bardsley

... Behind the Mini ', a car which possessed an individuality and character generally lacking among the set of cloned people-movers which currently filled the roads. I came to the Mini late ... car I enjoyed driving though I could not have explained why. I was, however, puzzled to find other road users regularly flashing their lights at vie. Was I driving badly? Was there some- thing wrong ... "

Mini Restoration Manual - Lindsay Porter. How to renovate bodywork and interiors; how to give new life to mechanical and electrical components; how to modify your car for improved performance and appearance. Covers all models of the Mini.



You and Your New Mini: Buying, Enjoying, Maintaining, Modifying (You & Your S.) Tim Mundy

Since its launch in 2001, the New Mini has been a spectacular sales success in all its major markets, particularly the UK and the USA. With styling reminiscent of the original 'classic' Mini, coupled with BMW's engineering expertise, the car has carved out its own identity in a marketplace full of increasingly bland small hatchbacks. Two years after it first appeared on the roads, the New Mini still turns heads, and has inspired a burgeoning aftermarket accessory and tuning industry. This all-colour book will fascinate all New Mini owners and enthusiasts.


Mini Performance Manual by Tim Munday The 'classic' Mini is a sixties icon that remained in production for 40 years. Unveiled to the press in August 1959, the Mini ignored many long-established design principles and bristled with innovative features. The car instantly won favour with tuners and modifiers, and today the Mini remains one of the most popular project cars with performance tuners. A thriving support structure of clubs, specialist magazines and parts suppliers ensures that the Mini will remain popular with tuning enthusiasts for many years to come.


Tuning the A-Series Engine: The Definitive Manual on Tuning for Performance or Economy - David Vizard. A third edition of the title, originally published in 1985, which rovides all the information required to successfully tune the Series A engine.




Mini Service and Repair Manual: 01 to 05 Petrol (Haynes Service & Repair Manuals) Martynn Randall

Building, Preparing and Racing Your Mini - Bill Sollis, Dave Pollard. Mini racing is the affordable route to competitive motorsport -either as a first step in a motor racing career or just for the fun and friendship of clubman's racing. National Championship winner Bill Sollis tells how he started back in 1984.
Mini: the Racing Story - John Baggott. The full story of the Mini's career on the racing track. Author John Baggott covers the sponsored teams as well as the many individuals who have raced Minis over the years. He also covers the Mini-based car kits such as the Mini Marcos, Unipower, Cox GTM and others.
How to Modify Your Mini - David Vizard
Sporting Minis: Mini-Cooper, Mini-Cooper S, 1275 GT - John Brigden
How to Power Tune Minis on a Small Budget - Des Hammill. This guide shows the reader how to improve Mini performance using "bolt-on" interchangeable standard parts from various BLMC/Rover models.
How to Build and Power Tune SU Carburettors - Des Hammill
How to Photograph Cars - Tony Baker
Competition Car Composites - Simon McBeath, Brian O'Rourke. If you want to make your own composites body parts or wings, you need this book. Obviously one of the best book on the subject, with many pictures showing step by step how to make moulds and parts.
The ICE Manual - Andy Butler. This all-colour text provides a thorough grounding in all aspects of in-car entertainment - a field which, though still dominated by audio systems, is widening to include video, electronic games and mobile cinema. Written from first-hand experience.
Owning a car - Driving Standards Agency. This publication guides the prospective car owner through the minefield of legislation, testing and finance for new and used cars. It also provides website information on each of the topics covered.
Vehicle Maintenance Tips for the Average Guy (or Girl)
How to Paint Your Car - David H. Jacobs
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Trouble-free Car Repair - Dan Ramsey