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 Results Stanford 2006
Mk1 & Mk2 1970 - 1976 1977 - 1982      
1st Julian Colclough 1st: John Marfell 1st: Sam Foster      
2nd: Bob Moore 2nd: Ray Bessant 2nd: Margaret Corbett      
1983 - 1986 1987 - 1991 1992 - 2002      
1st: Phil Harper 1st: Douglas Mason 1st: Ian Goodchild      
2nd: Thomas Rayner 2nd: John Heath 2nd: Michael Goldstraw      
1275GT Rally Prepared Cooper & S      
1st: Wayne Brownhill 1st: Steve Eckersall 1st: Mervyn Holsey      
2nd: Tony Hamilton-Smith 2nd: Scott Gaymer 2nd: John Derby      
Rover Cooper Mokes Variants      
1st: Mandi Pryke 1st N/A 1st: Steve Biggs      
2nd: Steven Robinson 2nd: 2nd: Matt Harper      
Non Original Custom Metro      
1st: Helen Hallworth 1st: Grame Wright 1st: Vaughan Horden      
2nd: Rita Mullins 2nd: Nickki Gaymer 2nd:      
Innocenti MINI        
1st: N/A 1st: Paul Bruce        
2nd: 2nd: Nick Chillman        
Master Master Non Original        
1st: Chris Krzywiec 1st: Andrea Warren        
2nd: Richard Sutton 2nd: Mark Wynn-Smith        
Best Newcomer Donated by Lyn Thompson-Ford Tony Hart      
Best Engine Bay Donated by Trevor Jackman Wayne Brownhill      
Best Club stand Mini Hospital        
Club stand runner up Quick Shift Mini        
Club stand third Trent Valley MOC        

Stanford 2007



Members of the NMOC and Mini enthusiasts who own a Mini are eligible to entry to the Miniworld Concours at Stanford 2004 and these are the classes that are open:

  • MK1 & Mk2
  • 1970 - 1976
  • 1977 - 1982
  • 1983 - 1986
  • 1987 - 1991
  • 1992 - 2002
  • 1275GT
  • Rally Prepared
  • Cooper & S
  • Rover Cooper
  • Mokes
  • Variants
  • Non-Original
  • Custom
  • Metro
  • Innocenti
  • Master Class (previous class winners from the last 2 years only eligible for this category)
  • Master Class, Non-Original (previous class winners from the last 2 years only eligible for this category)
  • MINI

The Miniworld - Mini of the Year award will be chosen from all of the above classes

and need not necessary be a class winner.

What the judges are looking for

Stanford 2006 - Concours will see some of the finest Minis in the country. The standards to which they are prepared are extremely high and many hours of effort and toil go into getting the cars ready for the event. Somehow they have to be judged and somehow winners have to be found.

The task of the Judges is a thankless one. The NMOC have, over many years, developed a fantastic team of Judges who work tirelessly during the day, they know exactly what they are looking for and where to look. Here are a few pointers for you:

The exterior

Paintwork must be in the best possible condition and prepared to a very high standard of finish. Touch ups will be indiscernible from the main colour and oversprays will be marked down, as will residues of polish and bits of cloth snagged on chromework. Panels will be dent free and doors, bonnets and boot lids will fit perfectly.Rust or visibly repaired damaged will cost many points.

The interior

Will have been vacuumed out and special attention paid to carpets, mats etc not only on top but also underneath. Seats will be clean and will probably have been prepared with suitable upholstery cleaner. Dashboards, dial surrounds and door panels will also be in perfect condition. Headlining's also come in for special attention. The interior will be as empty as possible. No rubbish, no full ashtrays, picnic items or the dog!

The engine bay

Should be as clean as possible. Many entrants lose points through having the top part of the engine clean but the bottom part not up to the same standard. All should be cleaned to the maximum and all wiring should be neat and tidy, hoses will be in good condition and buffed with a soft cloth.

The underside

Will be as clean as can be possible. The exhaust will be in good condition, the underwing areas should pass the 'white glove' test. This is where the Judge runs his or her hand round the under the wings and their hand should emerge as clean as it was when put into the wing. Wheels, often forgotten, should be clean and in first class condition. Tyres should be clean and within the law.


Don't let this frighten you off - anyone with a bit of patience can do it - why not have a go? It is not the prize to be won but the sense of achievement when you get a first or second - this is what gets you hooked and keeps you going!

If this is not quite your sort of thing - give a thought to putting it on our 'Showplace' stand. This is for the best cars whose owners do not want to enter the spirit of the Concours but enjoy showing their cars off to other Mini enthusiasts.

If you are interested in this, we need you to contact us, and we need to have photos (latest ones) to help us decide who deserves a place amongst the best! And best you must be. Either send them to us at the address above with a covering letter or e-mail to us and scan recent photos in for us to see.